now & then

"New baby?!? Whatchu talkin' bout?!?"

When I was pregnant with Sam, I was pretty nutso from the start. I spent my days cruising the web for everything from birth plan advice to nursery bedding. After each and every doctor's appointment, I would mosey on over to Baby Gap and buy a little something for the growing bambino in my belly. I was addicted to all things "baby," from books to websites, checklists to countdowns. Bottom line: it was all-consuming. I really spent every minute of every day thinking about nothing but him.

Crazy lady, party of one. Your table is now available.

This time around, on the other hand, has been a bit different. In a word, I'm a bit "preoccupied." I spend my days Googling "how to get the barf smell out of couch cushions" and "my toddler's armpits smell." (Seriously, you can't make this stuff up, folks.) I go to swimming lessons, watch airplanes from our driveway, eat mass amounts of Wendy's chicken nuggets (don't judge) and spend what seems like hours pointing out my belly button and moles -- Sam's favorite body parts to hone in on.

Yeah, things aren't exactly how they were the first time, but you know what? It's better. Because this time, I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. Sure, I'm bound to have a few demon spawn moments, but I'm also bound to have one hundred times as many "Holy amazeballs, people, I'm straight-up obsessed with this kid!" moments.

I repeat: Crazy lady, party of one. Your table is now available.

So yeah, although I may be a little less focused than last time, I'm getting really excited to meet this baby girl. And in the mean time, I'm just trying to enjoy every little moment with Sam "the world revolves around me, bitches" Brown before his world -- and mine -- gets turned upside down in 16 short weeks.


Kristin said...

A girl!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

The Gearys said...

Your writing cracks me up! As does that sweet face on Sam.

Si Si said...

Enjoy every moment of these next few weeks. When your new bundle of joy arrives and Anson brings Sam to the hospital you will be AMAZED at how big and grown up he seems.........how could that happen overnight???

Anson will have to get out his guitar and play one HIS favorite childhood tunes for Sam......Little girls have pretty curls but I like oreos!!