a little love note on your 534th day.

Dear Littlest Ginger on the Block,

Last week was a good week. You knocked it out of the park at swimming lessons; had two play dates with Lily, Connor and Campbell; went to two birthday parties for Jonah and Langley; and spent Thursday evening with your uncle, Ben, and Mayela while your mom and dad went to a concert downtown with the hands-down craziest Keith Urban fan on the planet, your Grandma Chelle. (Seriously Bugs, I wish you could've seen your grandmother at this concert. Oh lordie, you would've had a good giggle watching her jump up and down and dance like it was nobody's business. It was awesome.)

But anyway...

This last event of the week was particularly groundbreaking because -- and I'm a bit ashamed to admit this -- it was the first time you've ever stayed with anyone other than one of your grandparents for more than 30 minutes. I know, I know -- you're almost 18 months old, which makes that last statement completely ridiculous. It's sad, but true.

So, despite the fact that you spent the entire day on Thursday screaming every time your dad or I would leave the room, we decided to sneak out the door and leave you with Ben and My for seven straight hours. Although there was no doubt in my mind that you were in good hands, I had my concerns about how you would behave while we were gone. Sure, you're typically pretty low maintenance, but you definitely have your "It's my party and I'll SCREAM BLOODY MURDER if I want to!" moments. As we drove away, all I could think was "Damn, this night is going to serve as serious birth control for those two." Oh yeah, I had a sinking feeling it was going to be a long, crazy evening.

But, wouldn't you know, it turns out you busted out the Mr. Wonderful moves while we were gone. In fact, Mayela wrote me the nicest email I've ever received to make sure we knew just how wonderful you were. And in case this never happens again, I'm going to post a bit of that email here, as evidence of your cherub-like behavior...

"I completely expected him to cry when we put him to bed -- that just seems standard to me -- but we told him good night and he was right to bed. He also went right in his highchair without fuss. Ate pizza with us very contently. Drank lots of water. Drank all his milk. Didn't fuss when I changed his diaper or got him dressed. He also listens very well, which is amazing. If you call his name he comes right to you or stops doing what he's doing (he may have gnawed on some cardboard for a bit -- oops). Seriously, he is a dream child."

Now, while I know this whole "dream child" title isn't entirely accurate (ok ok, not even close to accurate), it's fair to say I was one proud momma this week. Sam, my little bean, after almost 18 months of life, it looks like you've turned into quite the little sweetheart. And while I know this stage of sugary goodness won't last forever (November 13th is right around the corner after all), I am savoring every last second of it. Seriously baby boy, you're so sweet, you're better than chocolate-frosted donettes. And, coming from your hormonal mother, that's saying a lot.

Angel child or alien exorcist creature, I love you always,



Rkoepp said...

Sam, I hope you will learn to love country music because you and I have a date (or two or three)to see my Keith Urban! Seriously, Sam, we'll be flying from State to State so get your dancing shoes on!

The Gearys said...

He is such an amazing little nugget! I love every ounce of him and have no doubt he will make a pretty darn good big brother to the little bean in your belly:-)

Janet Scott said...

That face!!! If only we knew what thoughts were going on in that little red head of his. Seriously, the show is just about to start and I'm thinking it will be pretty funny. Just guessing..... xo