a little love note on a thursday morning.

Dear babies Brown,

On Tuesday afternoon we experienced something new, different and altogether frightening together as an entire family. Are you ready for this? No seriously -- really ready? Cause this one's a shocker.

(Drumroll, please.)

An earthquake, kiddos.

Yep, you heard me right -- for reals, a legitimate, shake-rattle-and-roll earthquake. And let me tell ya -- momma was not a fan. While Dad and Sam were at home together, noshing on nuggets and apparently enjoying the wild ride, I was at the doctor's office....hauling ass down four flights of stairs....with about seventeen other frantic pregnant ladies. That makes for quite a visual, doesn't it? Yeah, it was crazytown jacked up on hormones.

And baby girl, let me tell you, I was holding on to your for dear life. I don't know what it was exactly about the shaking earth that made me feel like you might just -- I don't know -- fall out at any moment, but I was not going to let this happen. Considering you only weigh about 2.5 pounds right now, I think it's pretty crucial that you stay in there and cook a little longer. You know, get a little cuter. Lose the easy cheese, ooey gooey skin maybe.

Anyway, all dramatics aside, the whole event lasted about 35 seconds, but for the sake of family memories, I thought I'd record it here.

Brown family: 1. Brief underground rumbling that barely qualifies as an earthquake: 0.

I love you,

Your cool, calm and collected mother


Newly Nalevanko said...

I feel your pain momma!

worst.day.ever! high rise office building + massive flights of stairs with bun in oven was not cool. Happy it was only an earthquake... although that was not my first thought working next to the Pentagon! :(

boo. not again!

The Gearys said...

Love that you can start of a letter with the phrase Babies Brown!