the mom diet.

It's my juice in a box! My juice in a box, yea...

First things first, I have to admit that the title of this post is a hoot. I mean a mom diet -- there's no such thing. At least not for me. Not right now. I mean, sure I've had my fleeting moments of fruit smoothies for breakfast, tuna salads for lunch and snacks of apple slices and raw almonds. But oh friends, those days are long gone. The tragic combination of feeding an 18-month-old all day long and being six months pregnant has definitely resulted in a lack of discipline in the food-consumption department. Yep, gone are the days of resisting half-eaten grilled cheese sandwiches and Teddy Grahams by the bag. Instead, homegirl has added a few throwback staples back into her daily diet and I gotta tell ya -- for those of you who have yet to dive head first into the baby pool, you have some serious goodies to look forward to. Peanut butter & jelly? Amazeballs. Eggo waffles? Heaven on earth. Trix yogurt? Surprisingly delicious (and not just for kids, apparently). And juice boxes? Dear god, why did I ever stop drinking these? Seriously, do yourself a favor and go out and buy yourself a case of Hawaiian Punch juice boxes and try to resist the liquid goodness. Hell, even plain old watered-down toddler apple juice tastes great out of a straw. Seriously, juice boxes are the jam!

(Wow. This post is really making it sound like I'm a food-obsessed hormonal pregnant person, isn't it? Kind of embarassing, but what can you do? If the shoe fits.)

Anyway....the real point of this post is to reveal the ever-growing "bump" (again, that title is a bit misleading) that has resulted from the oh-so healthy cuisine that's served daily aboard the Hot Mess Express. Sure sure, there is technically a two-pound tiny human in there that's also contributing to the expanding surface area of my stomach, but I'm pretty sure the majority of my insides are now filled with mass amounts of Ragu, maple syrup and Fudgsicles. Appetizing combination, right?

Man oh man, pregnancy is glamorous, friends. Almost as glamorous as my leggings-and-hoodie ensemble I've been rocking for the last 36 hours. Jealous? Thought so.

27.5 week shot


JMMarden said...

Oh girl. I am so in this boat with you. I've been having massive guilt over some of the nutritionally deficient food I'm giving little peanut but then the guilt wavers and I'm back at Starbucks picking up an old fashioned donut (which I highly, Highly recommend by the way).

The Gearys said...


K Ervick said...

Love the baby bump Sara!