lessons learned.

Historically, for the Brown family, the summer has been a season of laziness. While friends and family are jetting off on European vacays, Hamptons weekends, weddings galore and the occasional family reunion, we tend to spend our summers sitting tight. With the exception of the annual Outer Banks beach week (woot! woot!), we're usually content to while away the hot and humid days doing a whole lotta nothing. I mean really, who needs a change of scenery when you've got quality programming like The Bachelorette and Million Dollar Decorators to tune into on a weekly basis? Not this girl.

But this year we decided to switch up our oh-so-exciting routine and go on not one trip, but -- wait for it -- eight.

(Insert "WTF?!?" face here.)

And, on an even crazier note, we brought Sam along on half of these excursions, cross-country flights and all.

(Insert "No, but seriously, WTF?!?" face here.)

Yeah, in hindsight, it probably wasn't the best idea, but what can I say? Pregnancy brain failed me in a major way. While usually cautious and practical to the point of borderline grandma status, I can only blame my reckless decision making on the pineapple-sized kung-fu fighter that is currently residing in my rib cage. Seriously, between booking multi-destination flights across the country and eating entire boxes of instant oatmeal in one sitting, the crazy has officially taken over.

Thanks for nothing, Audrey girl.

But yeah, to make a very long, painful, "please don't cuss me out even though my exorcist baby has been kicking the back of your seat for the last 2 hours" story short, we learned our lesson. Over-active 18-month-olds and flying machines with no options for GETTING THE HELL OUT OF HERE just do not mix.

Period. End of story. Lesson learned.

But (and there is a really big BUT to this story), we also learned a few other things from the whirlwind summer of 2011. For example, you're never too young to enjoy the greasy goodness that is Steak n' Shake french fries ... you know you've had a good day when your diaper (and other unspeakable crevices) are filled with sand for days ... nothing beats new sneakers and an open soccer field on a Saturday afternoon ... and canoes are totally awesome -- even if you never even leave the beach. Oh, and forget Disney World -- East Rosebud Lake is officially the best place on earth.

So, was it all worth it? Without a doubt, yes.

Period. End of story. Lesson learned.


The Gearys said...

I think this post be my all-time favorite. The pictures+priceless, but your commentary is AWESOME! Love you Brownies so much!

Jessie Spalding said...

i need more details on how Sam liked ERL!! cheeseballs? store treats? lake dips?

Si Si said...

The shirt says it all - BORN FOR THE TURF.

Janet Scott said...

That kid has the life! And all I want is a tiny piece of it. If it's holding him when he finally falls asleep at 1 AM after six or seven hours of "crazy baby" on a plane.... I'll take it. That and anything else he can dish out. Love. It. XO