simple pleasure: best friends

My best friend, Lorrie, got married this past weekend. It was relaxing. It was fun. It was gorgeous.

In a word, it was perfect -- the "just right" reflection of one of my favorite couples in the world.

Lor, as I said during your ceremony (after the snot-faced bawling was semi-under control, mind you), when it comes to the most important people in your lives, your wish is for them to find someone who makes them happy. Someone who makes them a better person just by being themselves. And, above all else, someone who will love them always. Just as they are.

In short, someone who will love them even more than you love them yourself.

Now, while I still have my doubts that anyone could love you more than I do (call me crazy, but it's true), I know that, in Jason, you've found a perfect match. And, although you're a married woman now, we'll always have Paula Abdul and Color Me Badd circa 1992 ... and Bob Seger circa 1998 ... and Mariah Carey featuring Boys II Men circa 1994 ...

Seriously, the out-of-this-world 90's playlist could go on and on.

Really, though, I just love you both so much. Here's to you and all that's yet to come. I, your crazy best friend, plan on being there to witness it all.

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Lorrie Belford said...

Now I have TWO loves of my life. You're amazing.