a little love note on your 27th day.

Dear Audrey,

My sweet little bean, on Tuesday you will be four weeks old.

(Just re-reading that sentence makes your momma's heart ache a little bit. How can it be that four weeks of my life with you has already come and gone? I know, I know -- I sound like a total head case right now, but this kind of melodramatic thinking kind of comes with the territory these days. All aboard! Choo! Choo!)

That's right, pretty girl -- you've been with us for nearly a month now, sleeping the days away ... rocking in your swing ... taking in the surrounding craziness that you'll now forever be a part of. From your rosy pink cheeks to your big beautiful eyes, everything about you is pure heaven. Even your little head smells like cinnamon -- a fact that may or may not be a direct result of your sugar-addicted mother dropping apple pie crumbs on your head while trying to hold you and inhale Thanksgiving dessert simultaneously. Let's face it -- you're destined to inherit at least a bit of your mother's hot messiness, so why not surrender to that fact early on, my little pastry head?

Anyway Audrey, you are just the sweetest, most laid-back baby I've ever met. Sure, I really can only compare you to your brother who gives the Tazmanian Devil a run for his money in the "try and catch me as I run circles around your ass" department, but it's that crazy energy that you balance out so well with your angelic disposition. Even on the day you were born, you kind of just rolled in under the radar, not wanting to interrupt anyone's day until the very last minute. (Side note: That was a very thoughtful gesture, baby girl, but a little traumatic for your overly cautious mother. Call me crazy, but showing up to your 38-week appointment absolutely clueless that you're already 5 centimeters dilated and will be having a baby a few short hours later is a bit -- how do you say? -- shocking to the system. It's okay, though, angel. You'll learn in the future that "fast and furious" is not exactly your momma's style. In fact, "predictable," "sloth-like" and "downright boring" are more my speed. I'm super fun like that.)

But, let it be known that even though I was surprised to meet you on that Tuesday afternoon, I've been in love with you since the moment I saw your face. And I've fallen in love with you more each and every day since, my little bundle of pink sugary goodness. For you were meant for no one else but me.

Forever ... and ever ... and ever,



Newly Nalevanko said...

LOVE this! Hopefully all little girls are so peaceful :)

Si Si said...

She is absolutely PERFECT in every way. We can't wait for the next few weeks to fly by to meet her and snuggle her to pieces.

Janet Scott said...

A little love note to you on your 10,831st day. It appears that you have, in fact, inherited a little bit of my "hot messiness" and sweet Audie B has already tied her little rope around your heart. Go with it. It's a wonderful ride. I love my girls! xo