it's the little things.

I live a simple life. As I've said many times before on this blog, I spend my days in leggings and hoodies, reading pop-up books, making bottles, singing along to Elmo's World -- you know, very exciting and stimulating stuff.

But somehow, no matter how quiet and unscheduled my day-to-day life seems to be, we always seem to have a lot going on. Which is a really good thing. Unbelievably, no matter how chaotic our little family unit gets, people seem to still want to spend time with us. All the time. We're incredibly lucky that way.

But here's the thing: preparing to visit others or host visitors ourselves these days can seem like quite the hurdle for this self-proclaimed conductor of the Hot Mess Express. Even when Sam is in the most accommodating mood (read: not pulling out every block, book, shoe and piece of Tupperware that we own) and Audrey is peacefully strapped to my chest in her Baby Bjorn, it's hard for me to get anything done around the house. In fact, I'm usually just trying to stay above water when it comes to anything household related.

(I'm actually sitting here right now, blogging, instead of picking up the baby wipes, burp cloths and pretzel chips that are currently littering my living room floor. All hail the domestic goddess!)

Anyway ... it's because of this 24/7 struggle that I'm particularly lucky to be married to the master of getting shit done. Really, it's kind of incredible. And last night, (after driving home from Charlottesville ... in the dark and fog ... with two screaming babies in the back seat) he actually walked in the door, carried everything in from the car, put Sam to bed and went down and cleaned up our storage-slash-guest room for two hours in preparation for the Browns arriving on Friday afternoon. And all while I sat on the couch, completely oblivious, eating mass amounts of peppermint bark and watching Teen Mom 2.

It's the little things.


Lorrie Belford said...

You two rock my world.

Anson Brown said...

Am I allowed to join this exclusive network of Sara's blog groupies? I am, afterall, her #1 fan.

Si Si said...

Nothing simple about raising two babies... you are the master of THAT challenging/rewarding task! Thanks to the Master of Getting Shit Done for prepping guest room for the Brown family invasion. Even though we have had a little change in plans, now it will be ready for our arrival, hopefully in the next few weeks!!!