a little love note on your 657th day.

Dear Sam,

In these letters to you, my little sweet pea, I typically abuse my rights as a blogger, shamelessly using this space to gush (and gush ... and gush ...) about how in love with you I am. I sit on the sofa with my laptop and just surrender, letting my absolutely crazy love for you just wash over me like a giant tidal wave. These little episodes usually end in a sugary sweet blog post, filled with nothing to be proud of -- a puddle of ooey gooey wordy mush. I, too, am usually reduced to a tragic puddle by the time I've hit the "Publish Post" button.

(What?! It's my blog and I'll blubber if I want to.)

So, today I've decided to rein in my inner crazy lady (I think I can! I think I can!) and use this post to document a few little-known facts about my favorite gingersnap...

1. At this stage in the game, your interests change on a day-to-day basis, but a few things seem to be standing the test of the time: pretzel chips, baths, Yo Gabba Gabba and, above all else, trucks. Because you've decided to -- how do I put this gently? -- take your time in the "talking" department, you like to point out every truck you see, saying "dada, dada, DADA!" until we say "There's a truck. And there's a truck. AND THERE'S A TRUCK!!!" in return. This oh-so-fun game of back-and-forth goes on no less than 438 times a day. (Do I sound irritated? Never.)

2. You are also crazy about birds. When we read books, you don't want to hear the story or even look at the pictures. Instead, you simply want to point out each and every teeny tiny bird on each and every single page. (This seems like this wouldn't be that much of a time suck, but I swear, it's like the clever children's book illustrators got together and decided that, no matter the storyline, there will be a minimum of 1,367 teeny tiny birds in each and every children's book on the market. Again, not irritated. Promise.)

3. It gives me great pleasure to share that you kind of love The Sound of Music -- a fact that may or may not be a direct result of me singing "Do a Deer" to you multiple times a day. Every single day. For 657 days. (As for your not-so-subtle love for Julie Andrews, I have no comment. No one holds a candle to Mom, right? That's what I thought.)

4. You hated Halloween this year (how dare those kids come to your house and steal your candy!), but you loved (and I mean loved) your Elmo pumpkin. Who knew your dad possessed such mad carving skills?!? And just when you thought he couldn't get any awesomer...

5. You still don't ever (and I mean ever) sit still for more than two minutes. With this said, you have gotten a bit lovier lately, liberally giving out hugs and kisses to everyone, including your baby sister. Shock of all shocks, witnessing this usually makes me kind of fall apart like the hot mess you know and love. Oh Buggy, you're just the sweetest little boy ever...

(Reining it it. Reining it in.)

6. I'm proud to say that your taste in music is nothing short of stellar. Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks," Kanye and Jay-Z's "Otis" and all things Coldplay are your favorites these days. Oh, and "Last Christmas" by the always awesome Wham! Seriously, it's like we're musical soul mates.

7. I take back what I said earlier about your -- ahem -- verbal achievements (or lack thereof). You say "no," "yes," "moo," "choo choo," "more" and, your all-time fave, "stuhhhh!" So advanced.

8. Christmas is in two weeks, which means that Casa de Brown has turned into quite the winter wonderland, filled with cookie jars shaped like Arctic creatures (yes, you read that correctly), ghetto lights galore and one fabulous Christmas tree, if I do say so myself. When you first witnessed said Christmas tree, you had the best reaction, and I was so sad that I hadn't captured it on video. Little did I know that you would have an equally awesome reaction every single time you came into the room and saw those lights. Seriously Sam, you've already spent hours of your life mesmerized by that tree and our second Christmas tree which is, in fact, the first Christmas tree's reflection in the window. (Again, so advanced.) Really, this unwavering enthusiasm for the season makes your yuletide-obsessed mother very proud, Bugs.

And on that festive note, I'll wrap this not-so-little love note up. For you, my sweet boy, are such a gift to me this holiday and each and every other day of the year. I really am the luckiest.

(Did you really think I could make it through this entire thing without at least a little gushing? I didn't think so.)

I love you so much,



Si Si said...

Love the informative summary! Didn't know he was such a bird lover - maybe he will be twittering soon "Tweet Tweet"! Can't wait to arrive and share Sam's joy of the tree lights and excitement of the holiday season.

J. Trigiani said...

Sam and Taylor must be long lost buddies. Taylor is OBSESSED with cars and trucks. In fact, when the fire department came through with Santa a few weeks back, she screamed and cried when they had to leave. Poor child.