a belated "happy birthday" to you.

I know I've kind of unofficially discontinued my birthday blog posts, but I had to make an exception for my mom. You see, when I think about how much I love, admire and appreciate her, I could go on ... and on ... and on ... and on. I mean, come on, friends. You guys know my name might as well be Wordy McWordenstein when it comes to gushing. What can I say? When it comes to my favorite people in the world, I just can't contain myself.

With that said, when I try to describe how much Sam and Audrey love my mom, I find myself at a complete loss for words. Really, Sam morphs into a human cling-on each and every time he's in her presence. Honestly, everyone else in the room might as well be invisible when those two are together. Mom & Dad -- step aside. Sam only has eyes for Nanny.

And Audie ... well, she's smack in the middle of that oh-so attractive "excuse me while I gnaw on my fists and smack myself in the face" phase. So yeah, she's kind of oblivious to everything that's going on around her. But something tells me she'll be following in her brother's footsteps. I see a position as the VP of the Janet Scott Fan Club in her very near future.

So, as the official representative for my verbally challenged kids, I'm sending a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom, from her biggest fans -- Sam, Audrey and yours truly.

We love you, J.

(But you already knew that.)


Janet Scott said...

Getting older is a price I'll gladly pay for the pure bliss of being somebody's Nanny. I am a total fool in love on every level. Enough said.

Si Si said...

Sign me up for the Janet Scott fan club too! Priceless to witness his adoration of Nanny (and Audie was in full comfort zone with Scotty) Thursday night. Lucky grandchildren, lucky Anson and Sara.....

The Gearys said...

I'd like to be an honorary member of the JDFC.