the big chill.

Baby, it's cold outside.

No, seriously, it's freakin' freezing outside. Which means that the Hot Mess Express has been parked outside our house for the last few days because we're not going anywhere, friends. (No way! No how!) I mean, schlepping two kids around is hard enough as it is without the added layers of coats, mittens, hats, blankets -- you get the idea. Plus, no one wants to see a greasy-headed mother huffing and puffing while trying to wrangle her babies into the car, all the while mumbling seasonally-specific expletives under her frosty breath. (Holy BLEEP! It feels like BLEEPING Antarctica out here! BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP! Seriously, I think my BLEEPING nose hairs are frozen together! BLEEP BLEEPITY BLEEP BLEEP!)

Get it together, crazy lady. Get it together.

So yeah, long story short, we've been staying indoors. Eating mass amounts of peanut butter crackers and Nutella. Watching old-school 90210 episodes and Tori & Dean marathons. Not bathing. You know, the usual.

But this morning I did have to battle the elements to take the little bean in for her 2-month doctor's appointment. And, despite the traumatizing round of shots and all-around poking and prodding, I was able to snap this cute little pic in the waiting room.

Are you feeling warmer? Melting inside just a little bit? Yeah, me too.