a little "love you no matter what" note.

Dear Sam,

I feel like we're going through a bit of rough patch right now. See, before your baby sister came on to the scene, we used to spend every moment of the day together, just you and me. Reading books. Going for walks. Driving around town. Having impromptu Taylor Swift dance parties in the living room.

Yeah, life was pretty sweet.

But now things are a bit different. It's harder for me to drop everything to read books to you all day long. It's January, so our outdoor excursions are fewer and farther between. Your sister apparently equates her car seat to being strapped into a straight jacket, so we avoid car rides like the plague. And I mostly watch you rock out to Taylor Swift by yourself, while I stay seated on the couch, holding Audrey. Because that's what I do.

All. Day. Long.

Anyway Bugs, I know there's a lot to be frustrated about right now, but this phase won't last forever. In fact, I can tell you from past experience that this little tough spot will most likely lead us to a really good spot very very soon. You see, I can predict these things because I'm old and wise like that. Mostly just old. But a little bit wise, too.

In the mean time, just remember that I love you more than anything.

More than sweat pants.

More than Gilmore Girls marathons.

More than cardigans and tights.

More than Anita's breakfast burritos.

More than a shopping spree ... in New York City ... at Christmas time ... in the snow ... with Reese Witherspoon and Rachel McAdams.

And trust me, that's a lot.

Bottom line: I love you the most,


Janet Scott said...

And, Sam, I love you more than foldy kettle cooked potato chips, naps on the beach, and Christmas morning with the whole family here. I even love you more than....... believe it or not....... Catchy. You are my main squeeze and I will even dance to Taylor Swift with you if it makes you happy. Your Mom is right, Change is hard but change is good. Go outside of your comfort zone - then you're livin'. xo Nanny

Si Si said...

A mother's love..... very well spoken!! Can't wait to arrive Friday and (TRY to) fill in for you by reading, walking and entertaining Sam / Audrey!!! Sounds like we might even be sledding!!! xoxoxo