dream girl.

My sweet little Audrey,

On Wednesday you turned three months old, and for that I owe you a love note, my dear. A love note where I'll try to put into words just how over-the-moon happy you make me each and every day. But something tells me -- even with all my mad crazy wordy wordsmith skills -- I won't be able to. I won't even come close. So, knowing me, I'll just sit here on the couch, looking at your round little face, bawling my eyes out. Because let's be honest -- there's always crying when it comes to your momma.

Really, my angel girl, I feel like every moment I spend with you feels just like the photo above: soft, sweet, a little bit funny ... all wrapped up in a bundle of fuzzy pink goodness.

For you, baby of mine, are what dreams are made of.

(A proper love note is coming your way. Promise.)



The Gearys said...

3 months, already? I love her, like seriously. How can anyone resist that face?

Janet Scott said...

That face! Total deja vu......... xo