these are the days.

Last night, smack in the middle of rush hour, I found myself on my hands and knees on the living room floor, wrestling my babies into their pajamas and schlepping everyone into the car. I didn't have anywhere to go. No errands to run, no places to be ... I just needed to kill some time. Make it past that dreaded "witching hour," as my parents refer to it. Really, I just needed to get out and do something.


So, what did I wind up doing? I literally drove through the hills of Loudoun County for close to two hours. I sucked down a ridiculously huge 7-11 Diet Coke. I listened to the "I love college!" mix on my iPod in its entirety. I showed Sam where his parents got married more than five years ago. (Best. Wedding. Ever.) I drove through a rainstorm. And then a sunset that looked like something out of a postcard. Oh, and I also burned through an embarrassing amount of gas ... and almost hit a groundhog. (What?)

But you know what? As 8 o'clock approached and the sky started to grow dark, I turned down the music and slowly made my way back toward home. The car was so quiet, and in the rear view mirror I could see my sweet babies snoozing away. And I just felt better. I felt calm ... and in control ... and rejuvenated.

I know to a lot of you, this probably sounds insane. Maybe even a little bit pathetic and sad. I mean, driving around for hours with, really, nowhere to go? (Look out, passersby. The crazy lady is on the loose and behind the wheel!)

But sometimes, when the days feel particularly long and you feel like your patience is just out of reach, it's nice to know that you can still get in your car ... roll down the windows ... turn on some old-school "Strawberry Wine" (you know you love it) and — like magic — everything will feel so much better. Just as it has a million times before.

And then, with your perspective back in check, you can pull into your garage, scoop up your warm babies, tiptoe them up to bed and remember that these really are the best days you've ever had.

Crazy, challenging, exhausting, hard. But — hands down — the best.


K Ervick said...

I used to do this with Austin when I stayed home full time. We drove up and down route 28. I too felt so refreshed when I arrived at home with a sleeping baby. Thanks for bringing back the good memories ;)

The Gearys said...

Right on, right on!

Newly Nalevanko said...

This is my favorite Blacksburg activity! 90's country music + a long drive to no where brings me so much happiness!

Lorrie Belford Zimecki said...

Just love you, BF.

Unknown said...

Amen, Sister! you're such a great writer and I love this post.

Janet Scott said...

And, you'll be happy to know, when they get a little bit older there is always a glass of wine, a well worn lawn chair, any old hose, and a sprinkler. Still have to have the favorite tunes..... Maybe even bust a few moves for their added entertainment. Everybody's happy. This is a family. XO

kate said...

Sar, your writing makes me melt. All the way on the west coast.