and now for a brain dump...

Oh hey, friends. What's happening? I know, I know -- I'm officially the most inconsistent blogger ever. It's weird because almost each and every day I look around after the kids have gone to bed and think, "What the hell did I accomplish today? Oh, that's right -- nothing. Good work, Sara. Way to be productive." Yet in the midst of all that nothingness I can't seem to find a few minutes to tend to this blog. Oh, motherhood. Why must you kick my ass in each and every way?

So anyway, since it's been about a month, I have a few things to ramble about:
  • First things first, if you recall the last time I posted one of these random ramblings, my friend Lindsay was in the process of giving birth to the most gorgeous little girl ever, sweet baby Isabelle. And now, as we speak, my cousin Casey is at the hospital awaiting the arrival of her baby girl. I haven't seen Casey in quite a while, but I've been thinking about her a lot over these last nine months. And now I can't wait to see this baby. Something tells me the cuteness factor is going to be off the charts.
  • Sam's love for trucks has hit an all-time high, friends. Because of this fact, he walks around 24 hours a day repeating to himself "Wow! I love trucks. I love cool trucks. Trucks. Yea. Trucks." The thing is, he still can't really pronounce "trucks" properly, so you'd think we might be facing a bit of a "dude, sounds like a curse word" situation, but fortunately "truck" just sounds like "trush." Now "Scotty" on the other hand (this is my dad's chosen "grandpa" name) ... wowza. For some reason, Sam has translated this to "fockah." As in, Gaylord "Are you a pothead?" FOCKAH. Yea, it's pretty bad. And also pretty funny.
  • Before you become a mom, no one ever tells you just how ridiculously large your purse will become. I mean, I've always opted for the larger "bottomless pit" style bags, but the small piece of luggage that I'm now carrying around day in and day out is just flat-out laughable. Entire packs of diapers, random tupperware containers filled with Goldfish, iPads, tiny-human shoes -- seriously, I could reach in and pull out a coat rack and floor lamp a la Mary Poppins and I wouldn't blink an eye. It would be more like, "Oh, thank goodness! I've been looking all over for these. Why on earth didn't I just look in my big-ass-diaper-bag-that-I'm-trying-to-pull-off-as-a-hand-bag-but-I'm-not-fooling-anyone in the first place?!?" Silly Sara.
  • Remember how I blogged a few years back about my blatant celebrity crushes? Well, while I've given up on quite a few of these silly obsessions (ok, that's kind of a lie), I'm still 100 percent crazy about Leonardo DiCaprio. (Always have been, always will be.) Which leads me to Titanic in 3D. I must ask, have any of you actually gone to see this? Because I'm kind of dying to. I mean, if my memory serves me, I think I went and saw this timeless motion-picture gem -- count it -- three times in its 1997 opening weekend. Sound like something only a crazy person would do, right? What can I say? Some things never change, friends. Some things never change.
  • Three weeks ago, I turned 30. And I have to say, a big birthday like that can be a potentially scary thing for a person like me who's admittedly a bit of a "shoulda, coulda, woulda" type. I'm a bit ashamed to admit this, but I've certainly faced major moments in my life where I've looked back and thought, "Oh man, I wish I would have done that differently." For example, why did I quit show choir after 8th grade just because I didn't think it was "cool" enough in high school? (Stupid.) Why didn't I spend more time with my friends and enjoy my last year of college more? (Sad.) Should we have taken the plunge and moved to a different city when it was just us, before the babies? (Who knows.) Now I know, I know -- none of these things are major life-altering hang-ups, but when you're in that moment, and it's weighing on you heavily, the doubt can feel extremely overwhelming. But now, as I take my first steps into my 31st year (big gulp), I can honestly say that things really do feel like they're just as they should be. Sure, I still have my quiet times when I think to myself, "Hold up a second -- is this really my life?" But I'm at peace with the fact that all of those little decisions, regrettable or not, have gotten me to this place where I certainly feel unhinged at times but, at the core, feel incredibly fulfilled. So yeah, 30 doesn't seem scary. In fact, it feels pretty awesome.
  • Ok, last bit of randomness: Have you guys seen the new American Express commercial with Aziz Ansari and the kayaking paddle? Holy hilarious. If you're buzzing through your DVR and see this commercial fly past, do yourself a favor and stop for a few seconds to watch it. In fact, maybe watch it a few times. It will make you happy, I promise.
  • Baby Mitchell -- it's 10:50? Are you here yet?


The Gearys said...

Sara, I love you and your random thoughts:-) And by the way, at the end of the day when you are looking around and thinking, "What did I accomplish today?" Raising 2 beautiful children is your answer. Being a mom is hard work and you do it well!

Newly Nalevanko said...

Thank you for this post! I laughed out loud at your Mary Poppins reference... I am also feeling very bag-lady-fabulous these days :)