a little love note on your 211th day.

Dear Audrey,

Three weeks ago today you turned six months old.

(I know I say this each and every time I write one of these mushy love notes but, whoa nelly, my throat literally starts to close up when I stop long enough to think about my babies growing up. Blame it on the old age or blame it on the all-around crazy that has officially taken up residence in my brain -- whatever the reason, my body's strong physical reaction to stressful, emotional, heart-wrenching situations has hit an all-time high. And yes, when you're dealing with Lunatic McGee, six-month birthdays qualify as "stressful, emotional, heart-wrenching" situations. Just go with it, people.)

Anyway, my sweet little bundle of baby goodness, I don't even know how to begin. Six months later, I can now admit that, before you were born, I would lie awake at night wondering how I'd ever love another baby as much as I love your brother, Sam. You hear parents say it all the time and it sounds completely nutso, but it's true -- when you have your first baby you honestly feel as though nothing else will ever, ever, ever compare. But Audie, oh girl -- I can sincerely say that all of my worrying and late-night stewing seems so silly now. For you, my littlest angel, have stolen my heart.

Signed, sealed, delivered - I'm yours.

Now, as you and everybody else can see, this "two kiddos" situation I have going on right now has severely impacted my commitment to this blog and thus my commitment to recording each and every little detail of your oh-so exciting existence. (What's that you say? Doing the reverse worm across the living room floor while simultaneously sucking on both of my fists isn't exciting enough for you, Mother?!?!) And, as I mentioned before, my brain is currently all booked up with crazy, so in an effort to remember a few important six-month details...

  • Impressive thigh rolls and massive noggin aside, you're weighing in at just under 15 pounds these days, a good three pounds lighter than yours truly weighed at six months. A petite thing I was not.
  • Although you've yet to master sitting up on your own (I'm sorry to say that massive noggin isn't really helping in the balance department), you are this close to abandoning your impressive worm skills and really starting to crawl. This, my friends, is both exciting and exhausting to think about. 
  • Your tongue is never (and I mean never) inside your mouth. I like to think this is a sign of intense focus and advanced intelligence. (Again, just go with it, people.)
  • You are crazy in love with your brother. You watch his every move ... you crack up at his mad dance skills ... you listen intently as he rambles on about his obsession -- "cool trucks" -- and about bugs and how incredibly gross they are (YUCK!). Seriously, the two of us are the president and vice president of his fan club. What can I say? He's awesome.

Really, Audie B, you're such a joyful, sweet and -- dare I say it -- easy baby. You make each and every one of my days so much fuller and happier. From the moment I pick you up in the wee hours of the morning until the minute I put you down for bed, I just can't get enough of you. Really, if it wasn't considered -- I don't know -- against the law, I'd probably roll you around in cinnamon sugar and nibble away at you all the livelong day. What's that?!? I should wrap it up before things get weird. Anything for you, baby girl. Anything for you.

I love you like crazy,


The Gearys said...

Oh, girl...I hear you! She is pretty delectable looking and I wouldn't mind a nibble:-)

Kristin said...

Those eyes!!! She looks just like you. xo

Si Si said...

How could anyone not fall totally in love with such a beautiful, bald headed big blue eyed perfect baby girl!!!!

Janet Scott said...

Come on now, Audrey! Your off the charts cuteness is killing me! How is a Nana supposed to get anything done, much less go to work, knowing that bundle of smiles is only a few miles away?