a little love note on your 294th day.

Dear Audrey,

At nearly ten months old, you've finally experienced the amazing awesomeness that is Costco.

(Pause a moment to take in that milestone, baby girl. Trust me when I say this is life-changing stuff here.)

Although you've already visited on many occasions, it's hard to grasp just how incredible it is from the back of the cart, strapped into your infant car seat, trying to not go blind from the retina-burning fluorescents that line the ceiling of this Warehouse of Wonder. 

But on Monday, for the very first time, you sat in the front of the cart and cruised those aisles while your 294-day-old brain worked overtime to take in the mass amounts of, well, everything you could ever imagine wanting or needing. Diamond rings, feta cheese, cameras, down comforters, coconut water, mayonnaise, churros — stacks upon stacks of Fifty Shades of Gray

If we didn't already know, we could see in your big blue eyes that Costco, although kind of incredible, is also downright ridiculous. But while it all might seem a little overwhelming now, believe me when I say that this place is going to bring you lots of happiness over the years. Free samples, pretzel rolls, one-dollar hot dogs, 12-pound crates of navel oranges — you have so much to look forward to, Audie B. 

Get excited, big girl. 



Kristin said...

Too much adorableness in one picture.

The Gearys said...

Costco is really American Heaven:-)