love & happiness.

Yesterday Anson and I celebrated our anniversary. Six years, friends.


To commemorate the day, we spent a little time at Oatlands Plantation, the place where we got married on that rainy September afternoon in 2006. And as we ran through the grass and picked the pretty flowers (sorry, Historical Society), I couldn't help but notice how different everything looks now, six years later. In fact, the view, as you can see from the photo above, is so much more beautiful than I ever dreamed it could be.

So Anson, here's to us and all that we've created together. It's not always easy and let's face it — sometimes it's downright crazy. But it's always filled with love ... and happiness ... and teeny tiny humans. And that's something to be really proud of.

I love you.


Kristin said...

Cheers to you both and your beautiful family!

Jessie Spalding said...

adorable. i love the title. i love the idea of revisiting your wedding site. i love it all!! you guys are so cute. congrats!!

Si Si said...

It was amazing to watch you walk down the aisle as the sun broke through the clouds on that rainy day. Even more amazing are those two beautiful grandchildren you have created and nurture every day! love love love

Anson Brown said...

I love you back!

The Gearys said...

Happy anniversary to 2 people who exemplify love:-)