a little love note on your 372nd day.

Dear Audrey,

One week ago today you turned one. And while I know that I've done a downright crummy job of keeping up with your major milestones on this blog, please don't think for one second that your birthday — your golden birthday, mind you — wasn't treated as such. Simple and sweet, just like you, it was a great (albeit emotional and borderline traumatic for yours truly) day.

At the risk of sounding like a complete nut case (hey, if the shoe fits, right?!), it's almost like you knew, from the moment that you woke up, that the day was all yours — a feeling that must have felt a bit foreign to you, my sweet and accommodating little girl. It's no secret that our world still tends to revolve around your older brother, with his talking ... and activities ... and not-so-subtle "requests" that he likes to throw at us throughout the day. Seriously, these days he makes Will Farrell in Wedding Crashers look like the picture of consideration and patience. Sure, "Ma! The meat loaf! We want it NOW!" sounds a bit more like, "Mom! Chocolate milk! Mom! Toast! Mom! Mom! Moooooooom!," but, yeah, it's pretty much the same. Kind of annoying. Kind of funny. (But mostly annoying.)

Anyway, the day was filled with Caillou, warm baths and ridiculously delicious cupcakes — a bit more low-key than your brother's first birthday party, but fitting for my laid-back girl. And as we all gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday to You," I couldn't help but look at you, all decked out in your birthday tutu and questionable purple velcro sneakers that you love so much, and feel my heart rise into my throat as it has a hundred times since the day you were born. I've said it once and I'll say it again (and again .. and again), you, Audie B., are the sweetest thing in the entire world. Like heaven in human form.

And on your big birthday, it felt like I was the one celebrating. Soaking it all in. Feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. Complete with the very best bald-headed, blue-eyed gift I could have ever asked for.

So, here's to you, birthday girl. I love you, my littlest.


ps. A little video evidence of that oh-so-fashionable birthday outfit. Eat your heart out, Suri Cruise. (Oh, and my apologies for my singing. I'm a mom. I'm embarrassing.)


Kristin said...

She is beautiful. Looks just like her momma!

The Gearys said...

I love her to pieces. Happy 1st birthday to such a beautiful, happy little girl!

Janet Scott said...

Remember when you seriously worried that you could never love your second baby as much as you loved Sam? Well, this little angel is the definition of love at first sight. She is so precious it's almost magical!

Lor said...

Just love this little girl!!!!

Si Si said...

There is just something ABOUT having your own sweet precious little mini me that makes you float on air....... Must be those little angel wings!!